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Literature Review: Clearly and Profoundly

How to write a literature review? That's the question that may rise in your head on different occasions. You might be required to create a sample literature review writing your research paper or dissertation or simply to deepen your overlook in a certain field of studies. Before answering the query stated above, it seems to be useful to answer the other one: what is a literature review?

Having studied example of a literature review you'll see, that it goes beyond the borders of liking or disliking. Literature review sample is usually a summary, synthesis and analysis of information at the same time. Writing a literature review not only provides a condensed version of contents of sources you analyze, but also studies their relationship between each other and their position within the assigned time period or area of science. To get a proper review of literature you'll need to not just read and write, but also define the most important themes of the literature and express your ideas on the topic. We'll try to give you some advice to make this process as easy and nice as possible.

How to Do a Literature Review? We'll Share Some Thoughts on It Now!

Example of literature review might be concentrated either on one source or on several ones. Although these two cases might differ, literature review outline remains pretty standard. To start with, you provide your reader with certain background on material, you're going to review. Remember, that literature review examples might be read not only by professionals and scholars in your field of studies, but also by other people. They will be grateful if the material will be clear to them. Once it's done, you can move to your thesis statement. This is a crucial part of your examples of literature reviews. Here you express your own stance with regard to the material you've analyzed. Note, that here you not only give a positive or negative assessment, but demonstrate a result of your reflections on the topic, relating it to other works in your area of studies.

Main body of your literature review template justifies your thesis statement. It may be structured according to your choice. You might define major themes, expressed in the literature and demonstrate, how they are represented in other author's works. You also could compare and contrast the ideas of different authors on different issues, defined by you. Or you may evaluate major topics relating to the current state of the field. Although literature review format is rather unified, you still may want to consult your instructor on these little details, for the reason that they may vary depending on requirements of your particular college or professor.

Conclusion of example literature review wraps up everything that was said above and encourages your reader to continue studying the issue on their own. Don't give out any new information here, though. In case you've got something to add when your literature review is completed, leave it as a footnote and try to fit it in during revision. Editing your work is, as usual, very important. Check the clarity of your thoughts, flow of ideas and seek for lexical and grammatical mistakes. This way you'll get yourself a solid academic paper in the end.

Good luck, my dear friend! Write, read and have fun!

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