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Neither Rap Nor Praise: Writing an Article Review

How to write an article review? If the question pops up in your head, you probably have been assigned to write one. Although writing an article review doesn't require any new findings, you still need to implement your analysis and comparison skills to create a proper paper. Thinking of how to write a review article, you need to understand, that the main thing you need to do here is thoroughly examine ideas, laid out in this or that article and present your point of view onto its significance and correlation with the big picture of the field of studies.

When you're writing a review article, you need to investigate the theses, stated by the author or authors of the articles you've been asked to evaluate. Before that you need to make sure, that you've realized the main message of the article fully. So, when you consider the stages of writing review articles, the first thing that should be done here is summarizing the article you have just read. Not only will it clarify the question how to write a article review, but also it will help you clarify the main issues and themes, pointed out by the author. On the preparation period, this might be done either in the free-writing paragraph or in the form of bullet-points. Make sure, when you write an article review, you clearly point out author's stance on the issue. This way you'll lay a strong foundation for writing a article review. So, that's the first part of answer to the question "how to write an article review APA".

Writing an Article Review in APA Format: Dig Deep and Prove Your Point

The next step of writing article reviews is expressing your actual opinion on the article. When you write an article review, you need to answer several questions: is author's thesis solid and justified? Did he/she use proper evidence to prove the point? Is the thesis relevant to the problematics? Was the issue analyzed from different angles?

Writing article review is obviously concentrated on your viewpoints. To make it sound deeper and more profound, it is necessary to back your arguments with the evidence from the credible scientific source. Probably, this simple formula will help you answer the question "how to write an article review in APA format": first you summarize your article, then provide your critical opinion on the topic. The critique should be organized in the following way: first you point out your idea and then support it with other researchers' points of view. The paragraphs of writing a review of an article may be dedicated both to strengths and weaknesses of the article.

Concluding review article writing, you may once again summarize the main points, stated by the author and rephrase your main claims. In other words, you finish article review writing sample by telling people what you have just told them. That solidifies the impression and carves your ideas in the stone.

Now you know how to write a review on article. Total objectivity doesn't probably exist. You can pursue it by supporting your claims with the ideas, presented in previous research. Good luck, work hard and have fun!

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