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Analytical Writing: Analyze, Don't Summarize

If you're concerned with a question “how to write an analytical essay”, you're moving in the right direction: you're analyzing the issue, right? Let's move a bit slower and first of all answer the question what is analytical writing? Long story short, writing analytically means crafting your own thesis statement on a certain issue and proving it with solid and profound arguments. Thus, if you're asked to analyze research results, you need not to retell the outcome of someone else's project, but present your own viewpoint onto it and make reader stop hesitating in it being well-grounded and substantiated. That's not a universally accepted analytical writing definition, however it presents the main idea less or more precisely.

Writing an analytical essay starts with creating an outline for it. It simplifies analytical writing process a lot, as far as you get a clear scheme that only needs to be expanded and filled with necessary details. Analytical writing sample consists of three generic parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Each of these has a certain set of elements. Introduction is built with a hook sentence, that engages your audience, background information on the topic and a thesis statement. Thinking of how to write an analytical thesis you need to consider three factors: its being logical, debatable and provable. Thesis statement is a nucleus of your essay, so make sure it is strong enough to make all the arguments rotate around it.

The next part of answer to the question “how to write analytical essay” is concerned with structure of its main body. Usually it will have three paragraphs, each devoted to a certain claim that supports your thesis. They need to be supported by a couple of illustrative details. Afterwards you may include a transition to the next thing you're going to talk about. Thus, the main thing here is to define your arguments and the rest is just a matter of a bit of research and patience.

The last thing you need to do to know how to write an analytical paper is concluding it properly. You need to restate everything you've said and make sure that your argumentation proves the significance of your stance. Another thing you could do is encouraging your reader to find out more on the topic and continue research on their own. Don't give out important details, though: it will look like a blurt, not like a valuable piece of information.

How to Write a Good Analytical Essay? Get to the Practice Now!

We've already given out basic answer to the “how to write a analytical essay” query. Now you've got the hardest part to do: get to actual writing. Take the outline you've prepared for yourself and fill it in with the information applicable to your topic. Once you get a first draft, leave it aside for some time (depending on how much of it you have), and get to editing and revision. No matter what it is – a regular writing assignment or an attempt to get a high analytical writing GRE score, you'll still have a field for improvement. If you have enough time left, it might also be a good idea to ask someone to read the essay for you. This way you will get a fresh insight onto your writing and a chance to polish it to the perfect version.

That's the theory you need to move to writing an analytical essay. Get to the practice and have as much fun as possible!

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